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Story of Yoba Smart Money

At Yoba we believe in transparency and collaboration. We believe in listening to SMEs and providing solutions to their needs based on behavioral data. 


We recognise that you, as an SME, are underserved. You don’t offer the high volumes of the consumer market nor the high spend of large corporates and are therefore perceived as more costly to service. You have not benefited as much from digitization as you hoped.​

Therefore we have decided to build a data-driven company that can help SMEs. We provide needs-based solutions, operational efficiency, an analytical approach to decision-making and of course a high-performing Yoba team!​

We have identified four major bottle-necks where the financial sector is not answering customers' needs: (i) slow onboarding, (ii) lack of innovation in payment solutions, (iii) difficulty in access to liquidity and (iv) non-transparent foreign exchange pricing. ​

We are interested in hearing about your experiences and how you think the financial sector could adapt to better serve SMEs. ​

Together we can build solutions that put you and your business first.​

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