“You want me to share my FX experiences with my current corporate bank? I can tell you that I was not able to execute the payment before sending a lot of documentation on paper to my bank about the transaction.”

“More than ready to use a new alternative foreign exchange provider in order to save money and act in real-time.”

“I lost one big deal because of not being able to execute a payment to a counterparty quickly enough.”

“Foreign payments should not be rocket science and should be fully digitalised for corporate clients.”

“I want to be see the actual FX rate when I make a transfer, not just the estimated EUR equivalent.”

“It takes me 3 months to obtain a credit line from my bank and my need is to have working capital to secure seasonality in my business”  

“To open a credit line or overdraft, it easily takes another 2 months and it makes it difficult to do upfront investments that are needed to develop my business.”

“I have no idea how they score my company for a credit line. I just know that the decision is taken by the bank’s credit committee.”

“Quick access to a working capital buffer is important and we are ready move to another provider if that would be available. Volatility is a normal part of our business.”

“We lost a big order due to the lack of working capital to acquire all the necessary equipment and raw material for the delivery.”

“I do not get attention from my bank and their digitalised services are not helping me to solve problems related to payments”  

“Multiline is one very painful experience to use. Is there any alternative available?”

“I’m ready to change my transaction banking to a smoother fintech to secure payment execution on time.”

“It takes me one to three months before my corporate account gets activated and I can start paying invoices”  

“The account opening process takes 2-3 months with traditional banks. In business this means easily losing over 20% of full year business.”

“I need to provide all the documents on physical paper. No wonder the process takes so long if there is no digitalisation.”


“A player who does onboarding well will be recommended to other entrepreneurs.”

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